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We specialise in all tasks relating to writing, editing, proofreading, publishing and exhibition curation. With an extensive range of skills and experience to draw upon, we offer the expertise needed to deliver clean and accurate content to individuals, institutions and businesses, large, medium and small.

At wordsandwork, we believe that language, design and creativity are vital to the richness of communication. Our clients engage us because they recognise the importance we place on the imaginative and relevant use of language and design.

What we do

The team at wordsandwork writes and edits in close consultation with clients to support their written and visual content, style and tone of voice, to achieve clarity and consistency of language in communication. We believe that this is an essential and creative part of getting across our clients’ ideas, whether in the form of an academic paper, annual report, marketing material, blog, dissertation, book or exhibition catalogue.

Who we are

wordsandwork is a network of writers, researchers, editors and proofreaders. The team has extensive knowledge of all aspects of publishing, from undertaking original research to seeing a project through to publication, both in digital and print form.

Who we work with

In addition to working with individuals, museums and galleries, public sector organisations and governments, financial services companies and the publishing industry, wordsandwork provides its services to architectural and design practices, universities and schools.

What we charge

wordsandworks rates are set competitively. We respond quickly and accurately to enquiries, exploring each project in detail to understand a client’s needs. Outline quotations are supplied based on a combination of factors, including word count, complexity of writing or edit and the speed of the turnaround required. Discounted rates can be agreed for repeat or bulk commissions.

Blog: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

wordsandwork’s blog ranges from insightful comment on language, the stories behind words and their changing meanings, and the contested space of spelling, punctuation and grammar, to useful advice on how to improve writing and editing skills.

The blog presents the unusual and often extraordinary things the wordsandwork team sees in print, online or on the street, brought to you in the form of anecdotes, abstracted editorial and mobile phone imagery.

Contact us

Tell us about your project or the task you need support with—large or small. We will be pleased to help. 


Thanks for getting in touch.

Be a good editor. The Universe needs more good editors,      
God knows. 
Kurt Vonnegut
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