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One of the more positive things to come out of this pandemic is the incisive street art that has appeared around London and the globe—for us at wordsandwork, its East London. For ages now, artists locally have been making amazing work. Hackney and Tower Hamlets have become known for the quality of the street art and, pre-COVID, tourists visited to take pictures and tours of Brick Lane graffiti. Then lockdown. Since March, the focus has sharpened. Weve all seen the poster sites moving from advertising stuff that we didnt need to presenting pithy or uplifting messages to support us through this. To skeptics: if ever the arts and culture can help, this is the moment. Our last post was an image by Ben Eine, whose typographic style has become an integral part of the aesthetic of East London. This week, a further poster site work by Eine, borrowing from legendary comic duo Laurel and Hardy, a sardonic comment on where we are now. Beware: one badly thought-through act usually leads to another, and another. And another.


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