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Welcome to wordsandworks blog—The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Here, we’ll be providing regular updates to our readers—everything from advice and tips to visual posts that catch our eye for being unusual, compelling, very wrong or, for that matter, right.

The first of our blog visuals (tagged The word on the street) speaks for itself, in a low-fi sort of way, given the unfortunate times we are all living through now.

Along with this found imagery, we will be gathering material we come across in various news and entertainment media, in books and from other forms of written and edited (or not so well-edited) content. As well as relating to our interest in communication and language, our posts over the coming weeks and months will underscore our belief in the importance of the relationship between image and text.

The advice and tips we will be posting will consist of but (as they say) not be restricted to: common disagreements and/or misunderstandings in language use; changes in style and fashion in language over time; the value of a good style guide. We will also be debunking some of the myths in grammar, spelling and punctuation, initially as a bit of light relief, given the times in which we are living now and what we hope will be a more positive future. As such, we would like to leave you with the following...


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